Friday, November 11, 2011

Favorite Friday on 11. 11. 11!!

Hello! Happy 11/11/11!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to Favorite Friday. Can you believe I haven't run out of any favorite things yet???? This week I'm featuring our favorite cereal over here....Cinnamon Chex. We are not huge cereal eaters AT ALL. I can have boxes of cereal in the pantry for MONTHS........the kids just aren't into it...and I can't remember the last time hubs had a bowl. Well, I've hit on one we loooooooooove!! I actually buy 2 boxes at a time. It is that good. I open a box and eat it by the handful on the way home from the store. ( Well, I only did that once cuz I forgot to eat lunch and I was starving :) There is a generous amount of cinnamon and the crunch is great. Have you tried it?? What's your fav cereal?? Maybe I can get the kiddos to find another one they'll eat........Best wishes for a terrific weekend.

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Joy Beadworks said...

Have you ever tried quaker oat squares? They are my favorite!