Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Friday

Crazy, insanely warm weather we've been having around my neck of the woods these past few weeks. The same temperature's in Chicago and Florida?????? Crazy. Which brings me to my favorite thing this new Air Crazy popcorn popper by Westbend. I treated myself to it a few weeks ago when Cubby and I were having a movie date night. My sister inspired me when I was in New York with her....She got one for her New York apartment. She and my Dad consider popcorn as one of the food groups and have a huge bowl of it as a meal. My dad makes fun of the microwave popcorn I have for the kiddos....he calls it "polyester popcorn". He takes his popcorn very seriously...he gets his corn homegrown from a farmer and has had several different kinds of poppers over the years. Most recently he's hooked on the Whirly Bird. It's kind of like a big saucepan with a lid. It's for the stove and you turn a crank to stir around the kernels in oil. He swears by it. He has a bowl that I gave him years ago that holds enough popcorn to fill a bathtub. And he fills it to the top every time.

Well......I'm very happy with my Air Crazy....I got it at Target for $19.99. When I brought it home and fired it up Cubby was VERY into it. He watched me like a hawk and declared he could do it all himself! It's very deceiving how much just a tiny amount of kernels will yield in popcorn. I love the little butter cup feature on the top too. You can put a few pads of butter in the top and it's melted by the time the popcorn is done popping. My Dad and sister just mist theirs with olive oil....but we haven't gotten into that yet. And they also like to dribble it with Frank's hot sauce???? That's a little too spicy for Cubby. For now we just like it with some melted butter and salt. I've read a lot about how the microwave popcorn is so bad for I'm feeling better that with just a little bit of effort we're having a healthier snack option over here.

I've pinned several yummy popcorn ideas over on Pinterest......check them out and have a terrific weekend.


BraGarMar said...

So funny to read this today - I just called my dad to bring down popcorn from the Amish store - we've been out for weeks!!! We also use the whirly bird pan!! We are a straight butter and salt house too! ENJOY TREATGIRL!!!!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Now I totally want to make popcorn tonight...