Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Greenauer Girls Hit New York City

I've been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now....but here we go. My mom, sister and I visited New York City last month for a long weekend. We stayed at my sister's apartment in Murray Hill and look at this terrific view from her window. That is the United Nations building right along the river there.

I arrived a few hours before my mom and sister came in from Vail....it was an early surprise for my Mom's birthday in June. A glorious 60 degree day in late February. Who would have thunk??? Here is another view from her windows of the Chrysler Building. I got out for a walk around before they arrived, found a slice of pizza and checked out her neighborhood.

Mom was surprised and we headed out for the evening. Ventured out to find a cab to SoHo.

Look at the super cute bakery we passed on our way to dinner. My sister took us to a wonderful italian place called Aurora. A fabulous meal and a few toasts for my Mom's birthday. And of course a cupcake at the cute bakery on the way home.

Friday was a blustery, rainy day and most of my pictures were kinda dark....we had a great burger for lunch and then wandered around Chelsea market for the afternoon. Sooooo much to see.....sampled a few cupcakes along the way. Are you starting to see a pattern here???

Saturday we headed back to SoHo for lunch at Balthazar....a french bistro. It was PACKED...but well worth the wait.

We enjoyed our girl lunch very much.

I had eggs and asparagus and my mom had a wonderful chicken salad.

Sister looooved her mussels.

She raved about the bread in the bakery side of the bistro and wanted to get a loaf or two.

So many tempting yummy things.

I felt like I was in Paris again.

Just had to share a picture of this cupcake cart along the way......back in the day when I was a little girl...the carts only sold hot dogs! WOWZA....they've come along way.

On my list of things to do for the weekend, I wanted to stop by Purl SoHo. I follow their blog The Purl Bee (check it out in my sidebar) And can you believe how freaky this is????? One of the owners is a friend of my mom's daughter. She lives in Connecticut!

I was like a kid in a candyshop. LOOK at these yarns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom inspired me to take up knitting when I was in just 3rd grade....I've had a few spells where I fell away from it...but for the most part I've been a life long knitter. What a great thing to have in your life.

Notice my mom and sisters tall boots and skinny jeans??? I SWEAR I was the only person in NYC with bootcut jeans on!!!! I was obsessed with finding someone without their boots and skinny jeans on.......Nope. Not a soul. I could only pack so much for the weekend....and it was killing me not to have a cute pair of boots with me :(
Next time.

We headed down toward Times Square next...I found this overwhelming bead shop....I could have spent HOURS poking around in here....

And here we are with the Statue of Liberty. We all have on our long black coats. Everyone in NY wears black. Everyday. All the time.

The Hard Rock.

A view of Times Square.

And Radio City....a favorite place of mine. So many wonderful memories of the Christmas Show and the Rockettes.

I found the Magnolia Bakery on our way over to Rockefeller Center....but honestly, their cupcakes were nothing to write home about. Can you believe the frosting was bitter??????

Rockefeller Center was lite up with twinkling lights...

...really pretty. These pictures don't do it justice.

We wanted to stop for a glass of wine in the Rainbow Room, but it was closed for renovations...so we cozied into this little wine bar instead. A few cheeses and warm olives, along with a glass wine to toast Mom's birthday!

Of course we had to swing through Bloomingdale's.....before sampling more cupcakes from Sprinkles. Voted my favorite in NYC. My sister took us to her favorite pizza place fort dinner right near her apartment. It was thin, crisp and hit the spot after a long day of shopping, sight seeing and sampling cupcakes!

Last on my to-do list was to visit Chinatown. Cubby is VERY crazy about anything Chinese these days.....so I promised I would stop there and take pictures for him. I got him a few souvenirs....he loves the chopsticks the best. He uses them for every meal.

Sister has promised to bring the kids up for a visit this summer. Cub is super excited and wants to spend his whole weekend in Chinatown. He is even taking Chinese lessons starting next month to get prepared!

One last photo of sister hailing a cab for us on our way home.....Thank you sooooooo much for being the perfect host on our NYC weekend. I loved it!


BraGarMar said...

Thank you!!! I have been waiting patiently!! We should sneak away with the girls next time your sister is out of the country!! :-)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I love matching the pictures to the stories I heard - Love NYC!!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I hope to some day visit New York City...looks like cupcake paradise! I hope you bought a cupcake from the street cart. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a perfect trip. I am envious.

Anonymous said...

Sean's apartment was in Murray Hill as well. We loved the area...young crowd though:). Tricia