Friday, December 5, 2008

almond crescents

These are one of my favorite cookies of all many of you know...I am not a baker.....I try and try and more often than not my stuff doesn't turn out...I have a lot of talents, but sadly baking isn't one of them.....I even buy my cookies at the bakery for cookie exchanges!!....but these little numbers are scrumptious!....I can remember eating tons of them when I was a kid and the tradition carries on! kiddos love them too.....who cares if I didn't bake them.......only thing is I have the same problem as with the pumpkin shakes I crave from McDonald's.....they are only available for a limited, I overdose on them for the Christmas season and then I'm good for another year...treat yourself to a box!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I have never seen these in my whole life! I almost never buy a box of cookies, so that could be why. I'll have to pick some up!