Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more than just ornaments

I hang almost anything on my tree....and I love it!! empty mini trial size bottle of Chambord from my SIL for my birthday cause she knows I love it in champagne...and it just screamed "hang me on your tree"....a little blue box from Tiffanys that my dear friends gave me a few summers ago.....but when all of those christmas cards kept coming from year to year with adorable pictures of families and friends I'd just put them in my ornament box....then several years ago I strung them all on ribbons...each family has there own and every year I slide the new picture on.......we all love to look through them.

then there's the mittens I knit for my daughter for her first December....the kind with no thumbs and a string....

Oh.....and here are her first pair of Keds!.....I couldn't resist!!....what was I going to do put them in the Goodwill bag??? then I made sure the boys had cute little slippers when they were newborns....not just to keep their piggy wiggys warm....but you guessed it!!! hang on the tree...

I think it was the first year we were married my husband and I had a huge Christmas party and these little guys were tied around a bottle of champagne from his brother and my friend Lease....I'm sure she never would have guessed they would have ended up on my tree for the past 16 years!!!

These are actually a new addtion this year...I got the idea from the December Better Homes & Garden magazine (I missed the angel wings that inspired Jennifer Juniper!)....but a woman hung her childrens baby rattles on her could I have not thought of that???! My sister made sure she gave one to all of the, of course I dug them out...the year my tree fell over onto my hard wood floors I will NEVER forget.....some precious antique ornaments that were my Grams and several other ones were lost......but I love to sit with the tree all aglow at night when everyone else is in bed and soak in the, you never know what I may add from year to year......anything that can dangle is an ornament in my book!

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Joy Beadworks said...

I love it! My tree is filled with memories too. It's strange how that "keepsake" ornament that you recieved when you were 1st married seemed trivial, but with each passing year, it gains in importance and it surprizes you with the emotional weight that it is gaining.