Wednesday, December 24, 2008

cut out cookies

Well.....I just have to say this is THE first time my cut out cookies even remotely turned out half way decent.....and I think it's because Cubby helped!!!....I was soooo tempted to try Ms. Joy's cutout cookie recipe....but I went with the standby Betty Crocker pre-made pouch.....I called my expert cookie baker niece to see if she could come help us...but she was Cub and I got busy.....the dough seemed like it was never going to become a ball.....and when I first tried to roll it out it was sticking to my rolling pin....but I floured it and it worked out.....we made two aunt called during the midst of it.....and I got a little stressed as Sissy walked through the door at the same time....I forgot about the early dismissal......this is where I tend to over bake...because I stick them in the oven and move on to other things....but I stuck with it and checked them every minute!!....I strived to get them super thin....but they didn't turn out that way....and I can see how one can become obsessed with cookie that I've had a batch turn out...I may make them more than once a year....they could become a new favorite baked treat over here!! Next time Ms. Joys recipe!! Merry Christmas!!...we hope Santa likes his cookies :)

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marzipanmom said...

Yeah! I'm so happy they turned out! I have a feeling you're going to be a baker yet! You just have to practice - and I'll give you a free lesson anytime you like! Merry Christmas!