Tuesday, December 23, 2008

just three weeks

I just have to make note of the fact that we only had three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year...I have worked hard and had fun...but I haven't had any free evenings to sit and enjoy my favorite movie of all time...It's a Wonderful Life".....or watch all of the Christmas classics...yesterday Cubby and I settled in to watch the Grinch and Rudolph and none of them worked!!...my dear cousin had them burned for us several years ago and I think they just got worn out....so last night I ran into Best Buy...hey T. did you exchange that video game???? :)...to buy the limited keepsake edition of the original Christmas Classics and the Grinch so we could make our Christmas season complete!....for the past several days I couldn't figure out why I have felt so rushed....I've been done shopping and wrapping for 10 days now....but there have still been little things to do....my middle son's birthday is 11 days after Christmas and my sister celebrates her 40th on January 4th...we'll be seeing her up in Buffalo next week, so I've gotten all of that organized as well.....being away the week of Thanksgiving didn't help either...returning December 1st put me a little behind schedule...but everything just feels rushed...and then it dawned on me ....just three weeks!!...it all gets done...it's all fun.....but staying up until 1am every night makes me a smidge cranky!....but tonight I will dim the lights and cherish my favorite movie and enjoy my tree.

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Okay, now I understand why this season came upon my like a whirlwind!