Thursday, February 11, 2010


My three kids got on an airplane this morning....ALL BY THEMSELVES!!!!!! go visit my sister in Vail, Colorado....ALL BY THEMSELVES!! DID YOU GET THAT??? I am FREAKING OUT! I think I must have been druunk when she conned me in to this one! With having off from school all week because of the snow, they actually could have left last week!!! It was their big surprise from her for Christmas. She is 41 years old, not married and has no children...she runs her company with the greatest of ease and is a terrific aunt....but I still can't help not to FREAK OUT....ANYTHING can happen! I was a flight attendent for 17 me....lots can happen on a three hour flight.

T. has been snowboarding for several years now....but Cindylou has only been skiing once at Hidden Valley and hit a tree her first time....Cubby thinks he can snowboard on his little plastic one that santa brought....but, not she got the two of them a private instructor.....and threw some lessons in for T. as well. I wanted to go with at least help with Cub.....she's NEVER had all three of them by herself for longer than a few hours....but she insisted I stay home with see, it's our 17th wedding anniversary on Saturday and my favorite holiday on it will be nice......four whole days alone by ourselves. He wanted to go away...but I said why????? We have the house to ourselves...that's all we need :) I already got two bottles of champagne!

My dad is actually going to be in Wyoming just three hours away from them on a snowmobiling trip...he said he'd come down and hang out with them while they are there.....she denied him too. I'm SURE they will have a total blast....and trust me when I say I will be texting, calling and Skyping for updates....but I'm still freakin' out...just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

You'll be fine! And so will they...Enjoy your time with your hubby, 17 years! You should have taken him up on his offer and gone some where WARM!!!

Joy Beadworks said...

You have raised responsible kids. And, I'm sure that if they find themselves in a bind, they'll know what to do. (their cell phones are charged, right?) It is a gift that your sister truly enjoys your kids. Happy Anniversary!

Kate Carney said...

You should have started sending them off at a much younger age. :) I started shipping my dd (via an airplane) from SLC to Chicago when she was 4 1/2. She has flown at least a dozen times since then.

However, your kids will be fine. They appear to be quite responsible. Enjoy the four days with your dh.