Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still Snowin'!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!! It's STILL snowing here!!! It is crazy!!!! We got another foot today...with 3 or 4 more inches expected tonight. I truly do love's just the "snow days" from school that are wearing me out!! Especially since my YMCA has been closed! With just one workout this past Monday, shoveling snow isn't cutting it anymore for me...I'm turning into a BEAR!


Joy Beadworks said...

What a great picture! If I thought for one minute that you could work up a sweat cleaning, I'd suggest that, but I know your house is probably already spotless!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You need to hike in that snow! THAT is a work out.

Wendy said...

CUTE picture! I know what you mean ~ I turn a little witchy (and we're not talking Glenda the good witch here;) ) when I can't get a good workout in! Good Luck MAMA!