Sunday, September 13, 2009

I got a treat!!!

A little treat just for me :) Chip and I took Cubby to school Friday afternoon and he agreed to go "look" a this super cute Pandora bracelet with me...a dear friend has one and I admired it from the moment I saw it. I have seen them before, but never really had anyone explain them to me. You can add or change beads whenever you celebrate your life's moments and memories. We stopped at the jewelry store in our town...they were having a "trunk sale" wonderul....perfect timing. When you purchased four beads, you recieve the bracelet for free! Yeah!!! Chip browsed with me for a minute or two....then he made himself comfortable and got busy on his Blackberry...he could see this would take a little while....It's often a challenge for me to order from a menu in a restaurant, let alone pick shiny, pretty beads from a case to start me a beautiful new bracelet. Well, I needed to get two clips, to hold the beads in that was pretty easy.....I decided I would pick a bead, and Chip could pick a bead for me....can you tell whick one I picked???? Yep, it's the cutest cupcake you've ever seen. I'm excited to see my bracelet evolve....and I really think Chip should thank me....I just made his life so much easier. It will be a no-brainer now when it comes to holidays and birthdays!!! Your welcome, Chip :)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Now that's a sweet treat!

Joy Beadworks said...

Hey, You should check out Joy Beadworks! She has a whole trunk full of beads for that sweet bracelet!