Thursday, September 10, 2009

I just want him to stay little!!!!!!!

These are Cubbys school shoes from last year...he picked them out himself at Stride Rite. I looooved them....he would wear them with his brown and blue corduroys...when he wanted to look "handsome"....he's out grown them...but I just haven't been able to part with them :( It makes me sad that he doesn't fit in any of the toddler more 5T's.......he's in the "big boy" section now. No more baby clothes as he says!!

When we went back to school shopping a few weeks ago...these are the shoes he picked out. He wanted "skateboard" shoes....and then we scored on these black Adidas (...and yes, I knew how to spell that by saying in my head...All Day I Dream About Sex!!) at Famous Footwear for $7.99!!! The box said $49.99!!!!!!!! He was soooooo happy!! I just hugged him.....and thought in my head...."I just want him to stay little".


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Awwww....those little shoes are so cute. I have two boys in the "big sizes" now. *sigh*

beth said...

isn't it tough? my oldest (who is 9) has those same adidas sneakers for his summer uniform shoe and...I CAN PUT THEM ON MY FEET!! what?!?! i have a child whose shoes fit me?!?! that can't be right!

Joy Beadworks said...

I keep the "little" stuff that I just can't part with in a "forever" box that each kid has under their beds. Each of them has a least one pair of shoes in there.