Saturday, September 19, 2009

We've Got the Snack Covered

I was in charge of the snack for Cubby's soccer game today. I personally have a hard time with it....their game ends at 11:30 and I truly think they can manage without it....but oh well...If I'm gonna do it.....I might as well make it look CUTE!! I wrapped up Rice Krispie treats and a little bag of fruit snacks with ribbon in their team colors...and attatched a little team tag I made, as well. In the spring I made cupcakes with black and blue sprinkles with these same little tags attatched to toothpicks stuck in....they really loved them. It doesn't really take all that much effort...why not make their snack great???

It was a beautiful morning for soccer....bright, clear and pretty warm.

They just all run around smiling....and we have so much fun cheering them on...Go Team, Go!!!


Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

very cute!! It's those special little touches that make it special. That's the kind of stuff they will remember!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Be sure to come by tonight around 9pm (Eastern time) for the announcement so you don't miss out. I promise-it good-really really good.
Its So Very Cheri

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's you moms that raise the bar impossibly high for the rest of us! I kid--I never think of those clever things, but I always admire those who do!

Judy said...

It's all about the details, isn't it?!? It just says so much to take a moment to make something a little more special, a little cuter!