Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is it?? Wednesday

This week dear's sugary sweet sprinkles and jimmies. And you may be thinking...When did the treatgirl set up an espresso bar in her house???? ....I actually took this picture of my identical canister at the Sweet House last week when I was there with the Soul Sisters....check out our fied trip here .... I looooovved that the girls at the Sweet House have a pretty jar too!!

Here is the full view of the bakery at the Sweet House. It was sooooo cute!!! And I just loooovvved all of the cupcake stuff. I can't wait to visit again.


mommynoodles said...

That is the cutest little shop for real!! lol I love the baskets hanging on her front counter.And just if we had that many cake stands to display different things/sweets in daily in our homes! How cute that would be! lol

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sprinkles! Very cool.