Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Soul Sisters Have a Sweet Time

I can't even remember the last time we all got has been waaaaaay too long. But this morning we all fanagled a morning get together at the Sweet adorable little bakery not far from where we all live. It is sooooo cute!! Right up my alley with really super sweet cupcake accessories everywhere.

Cubby is in afternoon kindergarten, so he came along. He picked out a cupcake for breakfast (trust me...Cindylou and T. wouldn't have been having cupcakes for breakfast!) Then Ms. Joy settled him onto the sofa with her itouch equipped with a Star Wars game to play. Thank you, Miss :)

When you walk in the front door of the Sweet House if you go to the right there is a living room with leather sofas and chairs....and these TOO.CUTE cupcake pillows....if I had a big enough purse I would have tried to smuggle one home! Perfect to settle in to and chat the morning away...and we had a LOT to chat about...Jennifer Juniper had us rolling with laughter about the details of her recent trip to Paris.

Then when you go in the house and go to the left, there is the bakery part. I have a weakness for aprons...and look at all of them hanging there on that rack. I wanted to try them all on...

There were frosting shots in a little cup with a tiny taster spoon and sprinkles...see them on that cake stand? Scones, cupcakes, cookies, sweets of all kinds!!!! My head was spinning! Trying to soak it all in....what a lovely place to come to work to every wouldn't even be would be like playing house when you were little.

OH! ...and look at that giant cupcake cookie jar! I wanted to sneak that home too!!

Here is a picture of us Soul Sisters....we were cracking up because this is actually the second picture...Cubby was so kind to take it for us and the first one we had to delete because he cut off all of our heads and only got our boobs...which tied in with the story Jennifer was telling us about her experience seeing the Lido show in Paris with all of the topless girls right in her face.

But there was more fun to be had....a second part to our field trip....The Monkey's Trunk across the street. My sister in laws sister in law....get that??? ...told me about it over the summer....a super cool designer consignment shop. We had been wanting to check it out. So we made our way over there....and this is tooooo freaky!! The girl who told me about this shop a few months ago was actually in there with HER girlfriends!! WWWEEIIRRD!!!! Anyway.....what a fun morning.....and as always the time FLEW by with soooo much more to be said and shared!! Sisters...what about our weekend away????? We need to get something on the books!!! Thanks again girlies...I love our gatherings....they are just always toooo short and tooo far in between.


marzipanmom said...

It was the perfect morning!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh that place looks adorable! I'm glad you had some girlfriend time!

Joy Beadworks said...

I'm still laughing...