Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Delray Beach

I had been planning on bringing the kiddos down to see my mom for several weeks...but up until the day before we left I wasn't 100% positive. You see we were going to "non-rev", which in airline terms means flying completely stand-by after all of the paying customers get on the plane. You see I was a flight attendant for about 17 years before I retired after Cubby was born. And unlimited flying benefits for myself, Chip and the kiddos was my treat! But can you believe this is THE FIRST time I've ever taken all of the kids??? Every other time we've wanted to come to Florida was at holiday times and the flights are always full with no chance of getting on....And actually I only found out the day before this trip that Cubby wasn't even on my pass! I called to "list" us for the flight and he wasn't even there....major stress and panic ensued while I called and faxed for hours getting him officialy put on....but we made it! We didn't get on the first flight we tried for to Charlotte...but got on the next one an hour and half later....then hopped a flight to West Palm from all worked out great. We may have to try it again sometime :) Anyhoo....we are enjoying some wonderful days here in Delray Beach. It is EMPTY at this time of the year now that "season" is over and the snowbirds have gone home.

We spent our first day at my mom's beach's just a block up the road from her house...the ocean is like bath water...almost 85 degrees. There is a pool too and to keep the water temperature cooler for the summer months there is a chiller for it! I've never heard of such a thing. Here's Cubby walking up to the club for lunch...they even have a mister hose to walk along because the sand is burning hot! We feel so pampered here....the guy carries your stuff down to your chairs, brings you towels and puts up the umbrellas for you! What a treat!!

And look at these faucets where you rinse the sand off before going into the pool...aren't they the cutest????? Perfect for a beach club!

We ate lunch out on the veranda with a cool breeze....look at this view! This picture doesn't do it justice...and see those blue spots way out there...those are our umbrellas :)

What a beautiful way to start our vacay!


1 Funky Woman said...

Your trip looks amazing! So glad you finally got on the flight and your little guy wasn't forgotten! Wow and bath water, sounds wonderful! I can at least get one leg wet, is there any room?

So, you're a cutter too, lol! Glad you will know what that means! So happy to hear you like my facelift! Continue to have fun in paradise!


marzipanmom said...

I didn't even know you were going! I'm so jealous!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How lovely for all of you!
YOu're brave to fly solo with kids--I'd be terrified! Totally stressed out by it!

Jennifer Juniper said...

It looks fantastic. You deserve it :) I'll miss you when you come home because we are leaving this weekend! Do some extra punches in class for me :)

Wendy said...

Sun, Sand and Family ~ Sound perfect to me! said...

You've done such a great job on your blog at showing off Delray Beach, Florida!

Thanks so much for sharing this adorable beach town and your Delray Beach vacation!

Danika Dahl