Thursday, June 17, 2010

Delray Beach....a little shopping

Okay...with the temperature soaring above 95 degrees today and factoring in the heat index felt like 11O...can you believe it was too hot to go to the beach???? So we had lunch and did a little shopping. Our first stop was the Nomad surf shop. My sister and I have been going here since we were little....almost every trip to Florida included a stop to check out the latest in surfer dude stuff. Now my boys have continued the tradition.


Lots of flip flops...

... board shorts and sunglasses.

Of course a few tacky t-shirt shops with the usual pre-packaged shells from China and wierd alligator heads.

And look at this cute coconut that's been painted and embellished. I know if I was here with my soul sisters we would certainly be whipping up a few of these as a little craft on the beach some morning :)

Here's a little view up Atlantic Ave. heading toward the beach.

And the Snappy Turtle has been famous in Delray since before we started coming here when I was in high school. My mom, sister and I have always made sure we stopped in...and have found the best treasures...Lots of Lily Pulitzer and my favorite Jack Rodger sandals. Here's hoping there's a little bit of a breeze tomorrow!


marzipanmom said...

Looks like fun!

Wendy said...

So fun shopping in a different place! Looks like you are having fun.

Danika Dahl said...

Don't you just love Delray Beach?!!

I love this little Florida beach town so much that I created a web site all about my love of Delray Beach, Florida!

Atlantic Avenue is something you have to "feel" to really appreciate, but you've done a very nice job in showing off the Atlantic Avenue shopping! ;)

I'm going to post a link to this page on my blog and link back to you to share this Delray Beach Love with my readers!

Here's my blog link. (I'll do a post later today.)

Thanks for sharing your love of Delray Beach on your blog!

Danika Dahl