Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Homemade Ice Cream!

It all started when I actually sat on my patio in the middle of May for an hour....I read a magazine that had a big huge article on homemade ice cream and I was obsessed! I started doing my research on which ice cream maker I should get...which actually means I quizzed my friends :) And a BIG HUGE thank you to my super amazing friend who told me about the attatchment for Minnie, my pink Kitchenaid mixer. I asked for it for my birthday and have been looking at the box ever since. Can you believe I was actually afraid to try it out? At first I was really busy, then I blamed it on not being able to decide which recipe to try...I know, stupid. But in reality I knew once I got going on it I would be CRAZY for ice cream...and I have NO willpower and can't really go to the gym anymore than I am now. But my son has been pestering me ever since we got home from Florida, so today was the day I broke down and made our first batch. OMG!!! It is A.MAZ.ING! Truly!! It's soooo good.

I started out with basic vanilla...but I can easily see how many yummy things I can add to it......and other flavors to try. Here's the page I ripped out of the magazine.

It only takes a few ingredients.....and I couldn't believe egg yolks!!!!? And you cook the whole thing on your stove first....I would have never guessed. But it only takes a few minutes.....then the chilling time...about 2 hours.

20-30 minutes of spinning around and you have soft serve. We all had a taste and agreed to stick it in the freezer until after dinner to see how that was. HEAVEN! A big huge treat :)


Wendy said...

REALLY? An attachment for the kitchenaid? I think my heart just skipped a beat at the thought! That looks SO YUMMY and I love love love ice cream!

marzipanmom said...

Looks perfect! Mmmmm!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Shut the door! An ice cream maker attachment??? COOL!

Suzanne said...

I love homemade ice cream! In fact just this afternoon I put my cuisinart 'bowl' in the freezer so I can make some tomorrow!

Chef Dennis said...

it is so much fun to make your own ice maker died last summer I need a new one, never thought of the attachment for my mixer!!
All the best