Monday, July 19, 2010

A Cute Little Town

I thought I'd take you around the cute little town where my Dad lives....East Aurora, N.Y.....there are adorable little shops and places to is also the birthplace of Millard Filmore one our past presidents...also, the headquarters for Fisher-Price Toys! The West End Gallery has the coolest wares from artisans around the area and a great place to stop and browse...

Marcy & Joe's Bar Bill is the local watering hole....they are famous for the "Beef on Weck"'s a "Buffalo thing"...they slice the beef right off the bone and it's served on a kaiser roll with rock salt and caraway/kimmel seeds on top, called a "kimmelweck" roll...hence the name...beef on weck! Locals like to put horseradish sauce on it.....I add a little ketchup...but beware...if the horseradish is fresh it will clean your sinuses right out!!! Their wings are terrific and behind the bar is a rack with all of the locals personalized mugs that they use when they are there. I've been coming here since I was in high those days the drinking age was only 18!! Yikes! Over holiday breaks from college and when you know anyone will be in town, this is the place to hang out.

Here's the old-fashion movie theater...

And the Woolly Lamb is a yarn shop where I learned to knit when I was growing up. They have the most amazing offerings of yarn, patterns, inspirations and ideas. I could spend days in there.

Then there is Viddlers. It's famous!! Even Martha Stewart did a big spread on it in an issue of Living a while's a 5 & 10 that is celebrating it's 80th anniversary this year. You can find ANYTHING you need in there. My kids always beg to go there every time we're up to visit.

The red and white awnings and big clock out front have been there since I can remember....but the guy sitting on the roof...Mr. Viddler is fairly new :)

Let's peek around inside....there are souvenirs, toys, games, puzzles...

Banks, baby stuff, cosmetics, and craft things....

Housewares, pots and pans,

kitchen items and gadgets.....all decades before the first Bed, Bath and Beyond opened up!

And cookie cutters, oh my!

There is also a ton of candy......things from long ago you can't find anymore.

And "penny" candy in glass canisters.

And this popcorn machine has been here forever. A bag is only 25 cents. When I was little my mom would get some for my sister and I while we walked around through town.

Here's the little coffee shop....I love the coffee cup with the steam coming out of it...and the colorful umbrella tables just beckon you to stop and sit for a spell.

How 'bout this cute shoe and accessory shop. Lot's of fun! We love walking around for the always makes me want to move back!


Wendy said...

It is SUPER cute! I love the personality of quaint old towns ~ so much better than all the strip malls we have going on now.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a great town! I'd never want to leave! I agree with Wendy--that's why I always shop the locally owned and operated when I can.

Joy Beadworks said...

Wow...what a great tour, and a sweet hometown!

marzipanmom said...

I love towns like this one! It's no wonder you love to go back and visit!