Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favorite Friday

I'd like to show you my new favorite makeup! My sister in law got me turned onto Revlon's Colorstay eyeliner in Blackberry...then I tried their 12 hour eyeshadow in nude elements...which Cindylou snitched from me and I had to replace. I'm not a huge makeup girl.....usually just some bronzer/blush, lipgloss and mascara for weekdays. But since I recently got my hair done for the first time in FOR.EVER I've been taking a few extra minutes on making myself look spiffy. So over the last few weeks I've collected 3 more eyeshadows and eyeliners in charcol, and navy. And I didn't have an appropriate brush to apply it close to the lashes on my upper lid, so I stopped in Sally's Beauty Supply and while I was in there I found the PER.FECT shade of nude lip liner and lipstick. I was soooo happy, I've been looking for one for a while now. It doesn't take much to make the treatgirl a happy girl!


marzipan said...

Nothing looks worse on me than bright lipstick - I'll have to check out Sally's for that nude one! Thanks for the tip! I'm loving your favorite Fridays series!

Vic said...

i'm not much of a make-up girl either...just a few basics:) that sally's is awesome! gotta get over there this weekend!:) thanks for sharing! enjoy the day

Wendy said...

ooh, that make-up is just lovely. However, I am lovin' (as are my nails) my new cuticle creme!!! I hope you swing by and check out my latest post ~ you are the best ☺