Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Chocolates

Do you remember a while back when my real life friend Joy gave me THE BIGGEST box of chocolate molds??? Well, there were some really cute bunny ones for Easter that I just had to try. I got them all out this weekend and went chocolate making CRAaazzy!!

I busted out the little mini pretzels too....

....and then moved on to the these little cutie patooties!

We busted out some strawberries and dipped them into chocolate yumminess too...I didn't get a picture of the Ritz crackers with peanut butter sandwiched in the middle...T. helped me dip them.....and then he ate them before I could snap a picture. They are super good.

I packaged everything up into little celophane bags and tied them up with ribbons before we ate any more...I pland on sharing them with my nieces and nephews on Easter Sunday. Seriously......making chocolates is soooooo easy...if you have a free afternoon melt some and start making some yumminess.


Wendy said...

They're so cute Pam! And they look delish!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

They look really nice--you kept the chocolate very glossy, too.

The Strength said...

Tell me those first bunnies are filled with peanutbutter!!! :o Looks great!

janet said... on earth did I miss this chocolate post?????

Waiting at my mail box for my chocolate delivery

Janet xox have my address....right.....RIGHT???