Friday, April 29, 2011

Favorite Friday

I'm sooooo into the Royal Wedding and it will consume my Friday! I know it may sound corny to many of you....but I'm a hopeless romantic and I just can't get enough of it. I watched Diana's wedding live 30 years ago, and I plan on watching every minute of Will and Kate's live today. When I graduated from college my parents even gave me a replica of her engagement ring....a beautiful blue sapphire encircled with diamonds.

Princess Diana was someone I truly admired....her grace, style and beauty, the woman and mother she became, the enormous amount of compassion she had. I was devastated when she died in a car crash in a tunnel in Paris. My heart ached when I watched her funeral....seeing her two boys walk behind her on the way to The Abbey.

I want to watch the wedding to see how happy they will see them exchange their know they have found true love. Congratulations Will and Kate!!


Wendy said...

Ok, I admit, I'm not that into it..., not enough to get up at 4 to watch anyway :) But as I sit here watching the replay on BBC and see all of the excitement surrounding the event; It makes me believe that this wedding, amongst all the pain and hurt going on in the world is a very public, wonderful sign of excitement, happiness and love. And that.... well it just makes me smile!

Vic said...

they are so pretty! i don't watch it or read about it but i hope you enjoy it doll! xo

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This bride is worlds different, isn't she? Very exciting, no matter what side of the Atlantic you watch it from!

Cat said...

I am so guilty of letting the Royal Wedding consume me too! But, after a weekend of googling the heck out of Kate and William, I have got most of it out of my system :)

xx Cat brideblu