Friday, April 8, 2011

Favorite Friday

Well, yesterday was Thanksgiving over here...and today is Christmas! Kind of...This week my Favorite thing is the cutie patootie Santa statue that holds this clear plate. I found him at guessed it! Goodwill!!! That happens a lot up there...out of season stuff, but I don't care. I can just picture him holding up some pretty Christmas cookies. So, I'll tuck him away up in the attic and when December rolls around....I'll be happy all over again when I set him out for the holidays.


The Strength said...

You always rock at the GW!!! I always find stinky old harry men!! ;o

Jennifer Juniper said...

You are the only one I know that would buy a Santa plate in April :)

janet said...

Love the Santa plate holder!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and isn't Nancy's house fab!!!!

janet xox