Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Friday

Yeah for Friday!! If you're new and stopping by for the first time, I do a little thing on Friday where I feature one of my favorite things of the week....Today it's my pink geraniums. I just looooooooove them and plant lots of them every year. Every year I think maybe I should try something else....but I just can't! And I usually stick with pinks too....after all of these years they still make me happy. What are your summer time favorite flowers??


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You're right, there's something so perfect about geraniums in terra cotta pots on porches!

Sarah said...

I love peonies. They seem like a happy flower

Joy Beadworks said...

I am also a geranium lover. They are showy and don't need much maintenance. I also like clematis, but my hands down all time favorite is a peony. It just doesn't get any better.