Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Wall of Memories

Okay....I'm just gonna put it out there......I love to take pictures!! Of my kids, family, friends, funny stuff, pretty stuff, scenery, just about anything. And I love to scrapbook....shocker! Well, a spin-off of all of that is my gallery of pictures I have going down the stairs to our family room.

There is no organization to it....I didn't lay it all out on the floor to design it or anything.

I pretty much just buy black frames and eyeball it....

I never get tired of looking at all these pictures.......I just treasure them! Anyone can start a little gallery wall...why not?


Deanna said...

I wish I'd started a gallery wall a long time ago! I never tire of looking at old pictures from when the kids were little and before!

Wendy said...

I think it's a beautiful gallery!

Kaylen said...

Love this!! I also love that you don't measure or anything.
I just very recently posted about my photo wall that I redid. I used to have a wall of random frames with all kinds of pics, old and new, but I saw this design on pinterest and fell in love. It looked pretty easy, but it actually took me HOURS to do. TONS of measuring and TONS of frustrating and a lot of little holes made in error....but I LOVE the result more than I ever loved my other wall.

I think what I was lacking before was a staircase - it looks GREAT on a staircase like you have it.