Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Warri means "house" in many African dialects. It is a primitive Monopoly game. The stones are called Nickers and they are usually a small hard nut from the Guillandria bush found in all of the Carribean islands. I have had this game for almost 35 years. Yikes! That was kinda scary when I was figuring that out...My family started going to the island of Barbados when I was in third grade...loooong before Rhianna made it popular. This game was a local favorite...in those days old men would sit on wooden crates under shady trees and play this for hours.

We got one and played it by the pool or in the evening....there was no T.V. on the island in those days.....only radio....and what was broadcast was mostly the play by play of cricket matches and steel drum bands.... So we did puzzles and played Warri.

I haven't played this in years, and actually forgot all about it....I came across it when I was looking for our travel backgammon game to pack for vacation. It looks like a really simple game...but it's not! There's a bit of strategy to it...I taught Cub to play and he really liked it.

I even have the original typed (yes! with a typewriter :) directions.....complete with tons of words spelled wrong and lots of typos. I never did find the backgammon game...but I will be sure to bring my Warri game when we head to the beach. What are some of your family favorite games???

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Joy Beadworks said...

This game looks like fun!

My family just discovered "Clue". I had to buy a "vintage" game on ebay, because I couldn't find the original at toy r us.