Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peach Pie

OK. If you read my post yesterday, I was attempting to make a peach pie from scratch. I have been stressing about this all week. seriously, I have. I have been all over bloggy-ville and back comparing recipes and techniques. I finally settled on my real-life friend Jennifer Juniper's crust recipe....and I found the filling recipe on Click HERE to get Jennifer's recipe.

For how worried and stressed I was it turned out A.MAZ.ING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled. My sister in law has been baking pies for years and I love this crust much better....and I'm sure it's because she uses Crisco in hers. I followed Jennifer Junipers recipe which calls for all butter, except I added an extra Tablespoon of sugar.

I got all crazy when all of these recipes were saying to use your food processor, which I don't have. I mean, how did Laura Ingalls Wilder make her pie crust???? So I got a pastry blender and it worked perfect! I saw exactly how to do it on a post over at smittenkitchen.

I certainly need a little help with crimping the edges...mine look like Cubby did them. And also making cute little decorations for the top...but for my first try I couldn't be happier. I just loooooove the taste of the crust, and it's FLAKY too! That's what really makes a pie great for me......kinda like the buttercream on a cupcake :)


Deanna said...

Yeah! Beautiful pie! Congratulations!

Wendy said...

Looks fabulous and I'm sure it tasted awesome! Thanks for the well wishers for Smiley! She is pretty much back to her smiley, feisty self :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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sassy said...

good job! google williams sonoma they have a mini pie maker I am loving! (it looks too easy to be true!)