Saturday, January 17, 2009


If you're not should be!!!'s a lot of fun and it's free!!!!!!!!!!.....essentially it is a free video phone call!!! sister hooked me up when we were in Florida over's really easy to do...just go to their website and it walks you through the takes just a minute or two......and you need a laptop came with one...or you can get a portable one at Best is crazy!!!....I got my niece hooked up when she was home over Christmas break....I can go to her house with my laptop and ring her up, then she can she her beloved doggie Rocky while she is away at school!! sister got my Dad and kiddos laptops for Christmas and we're all connected now....she spends several weeks a month in Dubai and it's just bizzare to see her there.....and my Dad is getting really techie too.....he was spending a week in London with his girlfriend at my sisters flat and we skyped with him over there too!!!.....what a fabulous way to stay in touch with family and friends......treat yourself to a little skyping today!

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Joy Beadworks said...

You are such a techie!