Wednesday, January 28, 2009

total Bruce mode is total Bruce mode for me over here!!!!......that's what I call the state I get into when an album is released and the whole week before a concert.....sometimes my husband doesn't even recognize me on the ride into city... buzzing through all of my favorite songs.....and then there is the actual concert.....I am taken over, mesmorized and NEVER sit down....and at the very end I get very upset wondering if it may possibly be the last time I see him.......well...this is a big week...He will be playing at the Superbowl half time show and his latest album was released yesterday with the first part of his concert tour being announced.....he'll be here in Pittsburgh at the Mellon Arena on May 19th.....this is his 24th album...there are a lot of stand out tracks on this album...the most compelling are "Good Eye", "The Carnival"...a touching tribute to the E Streets late keyboard player Danny Federici.....and the "Wrestler" from the movie with Mickey Rourke...they boast a raw and poingnant quality.... the title track "Working on a Dream "was first performed November 2, 2008 in Cleveland for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign...... then there's "My Lucky Day" with a vintage E Street feel.....The album was recorded at Southern tracks in Atlanta, LA, NY, and could be viewed as and extension of "Magic" the Boss finished that album, he carried on writing material for this album.......This album resounds with the same passion as "Born in the USA" 25 years ago....YES!!!! has been 25 years!!!!!!!!.....yikes! It's great to hear Springsteens creativity....these optimistic tunes are just what America needs to listen to right now!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

A little Bruce shrine! I have a friend that is just like you...I think you must be born with a Bruce gene :)