Monday, January 12, 2009

very frustrated!!!

My frustration level is quite high today.......I've been working on Lego kits that Cubby got for Christmas....the age on the kits are 5-12 years old and I seem to be having some major difficulty!.....these were intended for him to build....but he wasn't able now I am....and he is trying to "help"......which is part of the problem.....then he goes to watch t.v. for a while and I'm still sitting there trying to put them together.........I got one done this afternoon...but I had extra parts...not very many...just some little itty, bitty ones....well this led to a major I had to start all over again...............and the real novelty of it all is that he really wants to play with them when they are built.....and they truly aren't made to withstand a 5 year olds ambition.....and then they break and come apart and it's tears all over again.......I tried to be ahead of the curve this time around older son loved these kits a few years ago and I learned my lesson...he would build them once and then when they started to break he'd throw the whole thing into his big Lego bin and it was never to be built again.....even if we did have the little booklet .....and some of these kits are $30! this time I got my favorite little Sterilite bins for all of the intent is that when they break and are dismantled I can keep all of the parts separate with their booklet hopefully we can have tons of fun doing all over again!


marzipanmom said...

Let me tell you right now to throw all the pieces in a big bin and let them build their own creations. It'll drive you mad trying to keep the kits separate!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Hey! None of you guys followed through with your "tag", you're it darn it!

Joy Beadworks said...

There are SUPPOSED to be a few extra little bits...I'm not sure why, you always lose the piece that you don't have the "extra" of. I try to keep my kid's lego separated too, but I really think that the toss in the big bin is way less maddening!