Sunday, January 25, 2009

water bottle

It really doesn't take much.....this new pink water bottle makes me so happy....I lost my old one last week....I checked around for a few days while I used some random ones ......and when I felt the old one was lost for good , I was in Walmart and thought I'd look real quick.....I didn't love my old one ice melted in an hour and it didn't feel good......and of course I had it the longest without losing it....I was always on the lookout for a replacement but just didn't happen upon one.....I can't believe I was lucky to find it right away! keeps my ice for 6-7 hours!!!!...the lid twists so a straw pops has a great little loop so I can grab it easy right off the floor in class without having to bend over all the way :) ...and there is this black clip I could dangle things off of.....and you know I love to dangle things!!.....maybe it will be a good spot for my keys???......oh....and it fits in my cup holder!!......and when I love something this much I have to go get a second one in case I lose it!!....I'm so happy for me!

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marzipanmom said...

I'm so happy for you too! It's funny how little things can make us happy!