Thursday, June 25, 2009

4 p.m.

4p.m. is what time my niece was coming over so she, Cindy Lou and I could do our nails for our upcoming vacay to the Outer Banks. We all leave on Friday....all 25 of one house....on the beach. I could say a lot more. But I won't. It better be sunny......I was a nice afternoon so we took our party outside. We got the foot bubbler going and the girl chit chat started! I have to explain my favorite nail products. When I was a flight attendant I always said I would love to do nails if I ever had another career. Well...I retired a few years ago and I haven't done it, but I do take pride in my nails and feel that I do a pretty good job. I have to confess that I have been using one color for pretty much the last 12 years or so....Mademoiselle by Essie. I just llllooovvve it! I would get manicures around the country on layovers when I was working and always asked for it. Then I started buying it and carrying it with me so I always had it. It is the PERFECT color in my mind. I sometimes get crazy at the holidays and go red or glittery...but it is pretty much always Mademoiselle. I used to keep a pretty color on my switch it up a bit....but lately I've been doing Mademoiselle on my toes too! But for the most part I am just an "Essie" girl. I prefer their colors over OPI. Anyway...I have my own pair of Tweezerman nippers for my cuticles. They are crazy!!! I could nip at them every other day!!! I have now idea why they are so out of control....but I always have my Tweezerman's nearby! And THE BEST top coat in my mind is Seche Vite. It goes on like glass and gives your nails an almost epoxy clear coat....definitely worth the splurge!! Oh, and you have to have a good pusher back thing....especially with the crazy cuticles I have!

So....we got busy and even Cubby wanted a little pampering!!! He couldn't resist the bubbler.

And check out these results!!!! This is the best my nails have looked in a long time....I'm thinking because I really didn't do anything or go anywhere for those two weeks when I had my cast on. They almost look fake!

Hey was a fun afternoon....but I MISS our every other Thursdays!!! :(


beth said...

that is a good color! i always do one set of nails red and one pale pink, possibly even a french amni or peid, if i am feeling crazy. my favorite color is OPI "i'm not really a waitress" which really is a great, classic red, but i kinda think i like it so much because of the name (many years spent waitressing while going to school, still considering going back to it now!). i am going to the outer banks, too! we are going august 1st (about 20 of us) with my in laws. i can't wait! have fun and post lots of pics when you get back!

marzipanmom said...

I also love the Seche Vite top coat. It dries so fast and shiny - so you can get on to other things! I'm going to look for Madamoiselle the next time I'm out - which might be a while because I have no car since it's in the shop. I am, however, getting some closets cleaned out while I'm house-bound! Have a great vacation and I'll see you when you get back!

Denise said...

Your nails look great and I agree with all your choices of nail product! And since my "real job" is that of a nail tech I can act like I know what I am talking about!! :) Have fun on the vacay!! You better twitter about it so that I can pretend like I am on vacation, too!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

They really do look nice, my nails will never look like that!