Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is it?? Wednesday

Lucky Charms is the surprise this week!! They are a favorite of my kiddos....."magically delicious"!! Just in case you didn't know they have more Magic now.....with lots more mini charm marshmallows. Of course they are loving that there cereal is in a clear glass canister with a scoop. They feel all grown up AND they are totally raiding all of the charms and putting waaaaay extra in their bowls! I'm trying to explain that the last 6 or 7 bowls will have NONE in them.....but Cubby said he didn't care.....I could give those ones to our dog Gracie!! I never knew there were actual "charm powers" too.......there is a chart on the back of the box. Just in case you're is a run down on how lucky you can be...

Heart-The power to bring things to life...This could be really cool!!!! Cubby could make his whole stuffed animal collection be real!!!

Horseshoe- The power of speed....gotta have these when it's cleaning day!!

Star- The power of flight...the kids must eat these when it's time to clean their rooms!!

Moon- The power of invisiblity...another great one! I could have these when my kids are out with their friends and then I would REALLY know what they are doing.

Hourglass- The power to control time. I'm sure they would like to control their bedtime :)

Clover- The power of luck. No duh!!!!

Balloon- The power to make things float????? Would be interesting to make teachers float right in the middle of class...hmmmm

Rainbow- The power to travel from place to place. All righty then.....this could REALLY handy when Chip is out of town and the kids all have to be in different places at the same time.

Did Lucky think these up??!! I can just imagine getting this as an assignment one morning at the briefing......hey, just think up some powers for these different shaped marshmallows. Have them on my desk by noon.


Denise said...

This makes me want to put all of our cereal in a jar with a scoop! :)

Saucy said...

I didn't know about the "power of the marshmallows", Loopy lurrves her Lucky Charms every day. The thought of marshmallows in my cereal makes my tummy hurt.

marzipanmom said...

I don't think my kids have ever tried Lucky you think they will feel like I deprived them someday?

Joy Beadworks said...

Funny. I buy them for the biggest kid in my husband!