Sunday, June 28, 2009

sprinkler + tramp = summer fun!!

Cindy Lou was with her girlfriends and T. was at a buddys house. I had been running around getting stuff done and Cubby was playing with all of his long lost toys. With being away at my Dad's for almost four weeks it was like he came home to Christmas morning......everything seemed brand new again! turned out to be a hooooott sunny day and I surprised him with setting the sprinkler up under the of his favorite things to do!

He was soooo excited! It doesn't take much to make him favorite little Cubby Cub!!

Happy Summer!!!!!


Jennifer Juniper said...

My boys love to do this at a friend's house, but our tramp is too far away from the house for the hose to reach. So fun!

beth said...

so cute!

sassy studio said...

brilliant! sounds like fun on a hot hot summer day!