Sunday, June 7, 2009

The All-Clad sale

Well....I made my first outing last Saturday since my surgery...My SIL picked me up and took me to the All-Clad sale. For anyone unfamiliar with All-Clad cookware, turn on the Food Channel and you'll see all of the cooks and chefs using it. The factory is just about an hour from where I live and twice a year they have their seconds sale. It is just fabulous!!! Everything is half price...often even 75% off....I've been going for years and have just about everything...but I keep going back! There's always someone who needs something! And my sister usually places a huge order for me to equip the kitchens of the several projects that she is working on. She has checked into getting a wholesale account....but the sale is cheaper than the wholesale price list they sent her....even with the shipping expense! The sale has been in a few different locations....the last few years it's been at the Washington County Fairgrounds. We parked and made our way in to the excitement!

This sale my Dad requested a few things for his birthday and Father's Day....he's become quite the chef!!! And I was on the lookout for their measuring cups, now that I'm baking I need a nice set.....and a colander. I still have this ratty white plastic one since before I've been married.

When you enter the building they give everyone a big cardboard box to put their treasures in...we always meet such fun people.....a lady I was talking to said she saw in the paper someone actually has an All-Clad blog!! Gotta check that out!

It was a much more pleasant sale than usual not having to collect a big, huge order for my sister......we browsed, and held up several items for consideration....and in the end we both were really happy with our treats!!! I got a few utensils, my colander, and the set of measuring cups I wanted....that came with a set of measuring spoons.....treat for me!!!!!


marzipanmom said...

Last year I went to Crate and got my favorite serrated knife among other things! I couldn't think of a thing I needed or where I would put one more thing in my kitchen, so I stayed away this year. Glad you had fun. Maybe I'll get there next time! I love my All-Clad!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I've always wanted to go to that sale. I have most everything All Clad I need for now, though.

Joy Beadworks said...

I want to go! Please let me know when you hear of the next one! My whole pot/pan collection needs a total re-do.