Saturday, June 13, 2009

THE CUP!!!!!!!!!

To quoute Mike Lange,"Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley...bring me the Brandy!!" Our city celebrates its third Stanley Cup win in a thriller game seven win over the Detroit Red Wings. Marc Andre-Fleury turns away 23 shots on goal and made a game/season/cup saving stop of in the final seconds of the game to deny the Red Wings the opportunity to tie up the game. Winning on the road is tough enough as Pens fans witnessed in games 1,2, and 5.....and winning game 7 on the road is almost unheard of!! The last time a team won a cup on the road was the Montreal Canadiens in Chicago in 1971!

The Joe Louis Arena was thick with intimidation....they did the whole dead octopus thing, flashing lights and smoke....but it didn't faze the Penguins, or the hundreds of fans in attendance. At the end of the 2nd period it was Talbot 2- Red Wings 0. Crosby was nailed hard by Franzen and only returned for a short shift in the 3rd period. I was rooting for a shutout in Hockeytown.....but Detroit scored with about 5 minutes left to play. And of course with seconds left in the game came Fleury's amazing saves.

The Pens celebrated with the 35lb. cup for quite a while...Crosby being the youngest team captain in the NHL to raise it. And the biggest heartfelt moment was when he served his dad champagne from the cup. We woke up this morning blinking our eyes, knowing it wasn't a was for REAL!!!!! How amazing to win the SuperBowl and Stanley Cup in one year!!!!!!!! Thanks guys!!!!


beth said...

yay for pennsylvania! you got the super bowl and stanley cup, but we got the world series here!

marzipanmom said...

We had to watch the game from our crappy tv in our villa- could barely see the puck! I was thinking of how sweet a shut out would be too. Those detroit fans were so lame to boo the winning team- Looks like Hossa should've stayed with the pens after all! Yeah pens!!!! Looks like the good guys finished first this time!

sassy studio said...

thanks for the layered salad idea-my family loved it! I linked it back to you!

Saucy said...

It's always exciting when your team wins!!!