Thursday, June 11, 2009

my step stool

It's not pretty or perfect.....but it is one of my favorite things and I will treasure it always. It a a step stool that my grandfather made me about 20 years ago. He is now passed away and it makes it even more special to me. He was from Germany and had an accent. He drove trucks for a paving company in Buffalo most of his life. When he retired he actually never stopped working. He would come to all of his daughters houses and clean out their garages, do yard work, shovel snow, squirt off your driveway....He also was a handyman at my Dad's company garage....My Dad was a site contractor with lots of dump trucks and heavy equipment. He'd change truck tires and clean things up over there too....anything he could find to keep busy (and probably stay away from my grandmother!). He never called first to see if you needed anything'd just hear some banging around out in the garage and he'd have it all emptied out. Another passion of his was washing cars. I think he washed it a few times a week! Forever, I've been crazy about keeping mine organized, vacuumed and's been slipping a bit the past year or so.....but when I got my own place I mentioned to "Gramps" that I couldn't reach the middle of my windshield or the roof.....and I needed my own stool! He had been making these for years...there was one in all of our garages.Well, on my next trip home he brought this one over for me!!! He made it out of scraps of wood...and I love how he cut the "handle" out of the middle. I use this ALL the time and so do my kids! Just another testament to the fact that little things mean so much!!!


beth said...

that's awesome. grandpops are great, aren't they?

GerberaGirl said...

I didn't know Gramps made one for you. How sweet. He made me a rack to hold the plates for my straight bar!!! I still have it and it does mean so much to me.!!!