Friday, May 13, 2011

Favortie Friday

If you haven't seen this movie yet, run to your Redbox and get it!!!!!! It is now officially my new I had to feature it today for Favorite Friday. I picked it up last Friday for a family movie night. With two teenagers and a seven year old, it's hard to find a movie everyone will like......this was a hit! And how appropriate with the Kentucky Derby being the next day.

I remember all of the thrill and excitement when Secretariat was winning that summer...and seeing his picture as "Horse of the Year" on the cover of my Dad's Time magazine. But I had no clue as to the history or story behind is truly an AMAZING tale. You won't be dissapointed!

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Vic said...

it is hard to find a good movie for everyone! we often don't all sit down together because of i will def. need to get this one:) thanks love!