Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Surprise Birthday Field Trip With The Soul Sisters

Yesterday was circled in red on my calendar (I always use a red Sharpie marker for all of my very important things :) It was the day Jennifer Juniper and I were being taken on a Surprise field trip by our other two soul sisters. We all met at 11am and Marzipan whisked us away. She did a stellar job at keeping it a secret the whole way!

Our destination was the wonderful mansion of a prominent old Pittsburgh family. We started the afternoon with lunch at the outdoor cafe.

We weren't able to take the formal tour of the mansion, but we enjoyed getting caught up and peeking around ourselves. Here is the elaborate greenhouse on the property. It was used to grow the mansion's flowers and vegetables.

And here is the children's playhouse.....can you believe it??? Not too shabby.

We weren't able to look inside the house....but we strolled around the outside. And can I just say it was great to be outside...with all of the rain we've had around here these past few months it felt great.

Can you take a guess where the second stop of the day was??????

Yep, You got it! A super cute cupcake shop.

Yummy cupcakes.....

...and lots of other sugary treats.

We each chose a flavor...( and no, the cupcakes aren't sitting on the floor...we were sitting at a glass top table :) and had a taste of each of them. I "hmmmmmeeed" over every one, it was REALLY hard to rank them.

Can you see by these smiles....

....that these cupcakes were the perfect ending to a great day?


Wendy said...

How fabulous is that! Sounds like a perfect day with some pretty wonderful people!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a great field trip!

Deanna said...

Great re-cap! I miss you guys already!

Joy Beadworks said...

That day was a total oasis for me!