Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the green!! Cubby came down stairs this morning and I wished him a Happy St. Patrick's day. We had the Today show on...Al and Meredith were in Dublin. They had all kinds of fun things on....funny shamrock glasses, scarves, and hats. Cub ran upstairs and came down with this hat on!! My Dad's girlfriend sent it to him a while ago just for fun....but he loves to dress up these days and he's had it on all day. Even to run into town to pick his best buddy up to play.....He LOVES, LOVES all holidays...and can't wait when I get the bins out of the attic to decorate. He couldn't believe I had no decorations for this holiday...I'll have to work on that! Maybe I can pick up a few cute things at Michaels or Joannes tomorrow on sale for next year.

We stopped at the bakery to pick out some cupcakes for a treat. You know I can't make it through a special occaision without one!!!

And here's a little bracelet I whipped up last year because I had to have something green and lucky and for the day! I don't have an Irish heritage...but it's always fun to pretend!! Have fun!

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