Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is it?? Wednesday

Welcome to a new feature to my blog, dear readers!! It is "What is it?? Wednesday"...a few of the soul sisters have added weekly features and I enjoy looking forward to them every week......Sunday and Friday have already been taken :) and I so I chose mid-week.....Wednesday! This weekly feature will highlight my lovely canister! I am still delighted with the simplicity of my canister and what it can hold. My family has also had fun with what they will find from week to week.

This week was cookie week! Not homemade....they went to Costco while I was away scrapbooking on Saturday and got their jumbo chocolate chip cookies...and I picked up some St.Patrick day cookies.....and of course I'm hearing the clink of the glass lid every time someone sneaks one!

I may even expand the canister idea......jennifer juniper let me know of a blog that highlighted glass containers....she filled them with ever changing treasures and collections as well....they were in several rooms in her home... I mentioned it to Cindy Lou and she expressed an interest in getting her own for her room. I said sure thing!! So, check back on Wednesdays and see what is making the treat girl and her family happy for the week.

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