Friday, March 27, 2009


Spring has finally arrived....and to prove it I thought I would take some pictures of all of the springy things around here!! I started out with these cutie patootie little bunny rabbits I treated myself too yesterday :) I always like things in 3's because of my three kiddos....

Here is a view of the mantle in my great room...again...3's of everything!!! This picture doens't do the chicks in the eggs justice...they are actually all glittery.

When Cindy Lou and T. were just little they painted two of these wooden eggs...and can you believe I found one more in my stash down in my craft room when Cubby was two and he painted one too!!

Cubby loves trains and when we saw this on ebay last spring...he had to have it!! He LOOOVVES decorations!! He always wants to help me when I get the bins out for every holiday....

He was in charge of arranging the little easter village too!

The day lillies in my back yard are getting ready as well. Pretty soon everything will be budding and green!

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Saucy said...

My yard is full of day lilies but I won't see the tips of them for maybe two more months! Not kidding. They will be blooming in late June, how about yours?