Thursday, March 12, 2009

treat bags

I'm here to say that I think treat bags have gotten a bad rap. I know you're probably thinking, "Yeah right...she's the TREAT girl!" Well, I am.....and I guess that may have something to do with it....but who doesn't love a treat?? Especially kiddos at a party. I love planning my kids parties...and personally I think the key to a successful kid party is the number of children invited. Which is directly related to the treat bags. When you invite the child's whole class to the party this directly relates to what you can do....lots of kids = junky treat bags...a few kids and you can make them a bit more substantial filled with a few quality things and a bit of candy. I generally have the parties at my house and I know my limits...I don't do well with tons of I always have them invite just 5 or 6 friends and it works out great....and this all stems back to the treat bags!! I got these cute miniture lunch boxes at Joanne's in the dollar section months before Cubbys Thomas and Friends birthday party when he turned four. I bought a bunch because they were so cute.....and then they ended up coordinating perfectly with the theme of his party. Bonus!!

Cubby loves helping with the treat bags (he calls them "goodie bags" and I think it's adorable!) we send in to school for holiday parties. He loves to go to the Dollar Tree and pick out the things we put in.....a favorite is a packet of Kool-Aid....cherry for Valentines just ten cents I think it something different. I'm probably the only adult you know that still loves it! :)He helps me fill them with the goodies, and the whole time is picking which one will be his when he passes them out at the party.

I LOVE,LOVE celophane too!!! just always makes things look bigger and better! Another thing I try to do is to make sure the container is practical and can be used for something else...Cindy Lou and I found these adorable cupcake bins in the dollar section at Target...we picked out shower gel, lotion, and lip gloss with some candy and when they were wrapped up with a name tag they were just too, too cute!!

Cubby is totally into clear bins!! He has to have one for every genre of his toy inventory...Star Wars action figures, transformers, chapstick collection, miniture football helmet collection, to name a few. It makes it easy for him to grab one to bring along when we have to sit at football practice or a restaurant. So it was his idea to get his friends a bin this past year for his treat bags. Again, I love that that when the treats are gone....the bin can be used for something else. They're only little once.....let them have treat bags!


marzipanmom said...

Ohhh! Invite me to your next party - I'd love to get treat bag like those!

mom of 4 boys! said...

Hey! I don't see my kid's name on those super cute treat bags!!! :)
Just joking of course!

Joy Beadworks said...

Ok, you are officially my "go to" for my next party!