Wednesday, March 11, 2009

kinda boring

Well....I know it's kinda boring....but I'm just really happy there's something in my wonderful canister. Plain and brown...but they are my most favorite pretzels in the world....Now that there is something in it, I can hear the clinking of the glass lid everytime the kiddos help makes me smile.

My pretzel of choice are the Utz's Sourdough Specials......I came across these a few years ago and prefer them over all others....just the right amount of salt! But don't they look so much more presentable in my pretty glass canister??? When I emptied them in, Cubby immediately had big plans for for the empty container....

His ever-growing beer cap collection!!! A big thanks to Daddy and Grampsy....regular contributors!


marzipanmom said...

Those are truly the best pretzels! - if you dip a few in chocolate you'd have one of my favorite snacks of all time!

mom of 4 boys! said...

You'll have to let me know if the pretzels stay fresh in your glass container! I am a snob when it comes to keeping pretzels, chips, you name it, fresh! BTW, C and Ry Ry have the same train quilt!