Sunday, April 12, 2009

a beautiful Easter weekend

It was a beautiful Easter weekend....sunny, sunny..but VERY chilly, chilly....I hope all of you had as much chocolate and jelly beans as I did!!!....Cindy Lou and I started off the weekend spending Friday together while the boys were at was a total girl day! Lunch, shopping AND a visit with my niece home from college...we MISS her when she is away!!!...Saturday we went to the spring festival and egg hunt in the little town near us......

....and we colored eggs!! We all agreed they turned out especially pretty this year....lots of egg salad over here this week :)

Right after I finished sewing my pretty skirt to wear to church..(at 10:45 pm!! yikes!...cutting it a little close! )..I put the kiddos baskets together.....I looovve finding places to hide them....even Chip doesn't know!! I wait until they are all in bed.....I'm always the last one I'm always the "Bunny". After Cubby found his and opened his treats...he yelled "Thank you Easter Bunny!!" ....with a mouthful of chocolate!

We celebrated with Chips family down at the river this year.... everyone counts on me to bring the deviled eggs.....and of course I did! They were an especially good batch. Every thing was delicious......especially the yummy yum yum pineapple bake that Loot brought....I swear I didn't know there was 2 cups of sugar in it!!!! You know where you'll find the treatgirl tomorrow morning.....KICKBOXING!!!!

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mom of 4 boys! said...

Hey girl--You are so welcome about the Lucky Jeans! I am so glad they worked out for you! You'll get some good wear out of them. I can never pass up a good buy!
take care - :)