Friday, April 17, 2009

reward chart

Cubby really wanted to order this rewards chart from the Scholastic book order at preschool a few weeks ago.....normally I say "No" to anything other than books...otherwise they pick the Hannah Montana posters and goofy pencils with things dangling off them....but I thought this looked like a productive thing.

Well....he came home from school with it yesterday and we got right to work!! We filled it out with things he will do......and then we filled out what he will get when he earns a certain amount of stickers....for 15 stickers he gets to pick out what we will have for dinner...for 20 stickers we will go for ice cream and for 25 stickers he can get an "n-tow" (translation: nintendo) DS game. He recently acquired CindyLou's old nintendo DS that she hadn't touched in two years and wants to update the games.....she had fashion designer and babysitting!!....then we put the magnets on the back to put it on the fridge, but ours is stainless I suggested putting on the side of the washing machinge. Cubby said , "How 'bout up in my room?"...."well, there isn't anything metal up there"... I said. So he ran and got his metal Cars lunchbox and stuck it to that as an easel of sorts. Now we're in business!!

Last night he got his very own jammies on...of course, the EASY ones with no buttons. He said, "That was easy!! I need to hit Daddy's easy button he has on his desk!!" The one from Staples that yells "that was easy" every time you hit it.....this morning he made his bed....I use that term loosely!!... and brushed his teeth before he even came downstairs....more stickers!......then he got more sticker.......and played with some toys, put them away....played with other toys and put them away......two more stickers????!!!!! At this rate we should be heading up to Target for the "n-tow" DS game later on this afternoon!!!!!


marzipanmom said...

Amazing what a little incentive will do for your kids' independence - I hope it lasts!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Marzipan would know, she is the mother of marble jars! Good job!