Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's official!!!

It's official!! Her name is Minnie!!! I had to take her back to Bed, Bath and Beyond this week....she wasn't sounding quite right in the higher speeds and she was speeding up and slowing down....but they've already shipped me a new one from the warehouse. Look how cute Cubby is peeking around from behind....he said I know you're taking a picture for your blog....I want to be on this week! I think I have a successful baking career ahead of me. I've gotten a much later start than most, but I'm making up for lost time! I've made two batches of cupcakes, two batches of the chewy chocolate chip cookies and a sour cream coffee cake in just two weeks! Don't get me wrong......I'm no where near the Marzipan Mom's caliber by any strectch of the imagination!!! But my family has noticed the home baked goods didn't come from a different home!......they came from here!! I'd be happy with just your basic cupcakes, chocolate chippers, some cut out cookies and maybe pizza dough....after that anything else would be frosting on the cake!!! No pun intended!! :) Wish me luck!!! Plenty of treats from now on!!!!!!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Welcome Minnie!!!

marzipanmom said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations on your new addition!

mom of 4 boys! said...

Thank you again for the new jar on our countertop! The kids have already finished off the veggie straws and we are on the next bag! It is funny though how easy you can "bust" a kid for going into the jar with the sound of the "clank" !