Monday, April 20, 2009

updating a summer wardrobe on a budget!!

The treatgirl and her family have started the countdown to our departure to Disney!!! We leave May 2nd...I have seen a lot of things on how to prepare to go to Disney....but not many have touched on the subject of how to make Mommy look cute on the trip too!! So I thought I'd take a minute or too and show my lovely readers how they can update their summer wardrobes on a budget! There aren't many who haven't been watching their pennies lately and the treatgirl is one of them!! Although, I always love a good are a few things I've found over the past several weeks that will stretch your summer wardrobe dollar. First, are these platform sandals. I know I won't be traipsing around the parks in them...but I thought maybe a nice dinner out one evening??? They were just $20 bucks at Walmart!!!! They also come in white, black and a gold metallic. Run while you can girls....I don't think these will last.

This super cute top is from Target!! I actually got it on the clearance rack for a mere $3.24!!!!! What??? Yep!!! That is practically free!!!

Now check out these super cute jean shorts and capris I just got yesterday at Old Navy. I actually had to purchase a WHOLE new wardrobe last summer because I dropped 4 sizes and I never found the perfect pair of capris...these may be it. The shorts were $15 and the capris were $24....not bad!

On to the bathing suit department!! Yikes!! It was kinda scary trying them on in January....but that is when you have to buy, or they don't have your size. I found this super duper cute bikini at was on sale ??? I hasn't even been above 70 degrees yet and the bathing suits are already on sale! The swim cover up is from Walmart for $15!!

On to some spiffy new sandals....the brown Jack Rogers on the left are a classic to have in your summer wardrobe...they are kind of pricey at $105....but my mom treated me to them when I was in Florida for Thanksgiving. The fringy ones on the right are from Target. I saw a similiar pair featured on a fashion segment on E! one night and the very next morning I snagged these for a fraction of the price...gotta love it.

And you have to add a few new accessories too.....these are from New York and Company. Buy one, get one half off...and with one of the up-teen million coupons they mail me, plus the gift card my cousin, Gerberagirl gave me for Christmas these WERE free!!!

A few fresh new t-shirts are a must for the's always a good idea to go through them at this time of the year and weed out the ones that have seen their day...these are from mom got me two....and I added two more....$12.99 each on sale! They are great quality and should hold up for a while...unless I dribble something down the front :) And of course a fresh pair of white jeans. These are Lucky jeans that I scored on at TJ Maxx for $ at $98!!! Wowza!

So, let's see here...just in case Chip decides to check in on my lovely little blog ...I actually only spent $174.99 for 3 pair of sandals, 5 shirts, a bathing suit, coverup, 2 necklaces, a pair of earrings, a pair of jean shorts, jean capris and white jeans!! That's 16 things!!!! Hopefully he would see how much I saved him while I was treating myself :)


Jennifer Juniper said...

You're going to look so cute! thanks for the blog plug :) See you in the morning. Hey, bring and iron if you remember so we can all be working at once.

Saucy said...

Awesome haul! Makes me wish all the more that we had a Target here! ;(

mom of 4 boys! said...

You done good! Very nice selections I must say!!

beth said...

saw your post on sits! love your buys, especially the red wedges. very impressive shopping!