Friday, April 10, 2009

My new mixer inspired me... clean out the cabinet where I keep all of my baking supplies!!!! Yikes, I didn't realize what a mess it was until I went digging for the jello bean mold the other day.

I emptied it all out and was thinking, "I guess I could have entered Jennifer Junipers "messy" contest after all :(....I went through everything and got rid of some stuff......then I put all of my cupcake supplies in a bin, and cookie cutters in another bin...well, I don't REALLY make cut out cookies...I just use the pouch mix from Betty Crocker once a year at Christmas...and Cubby plays with it like it's play doh....but I'm hoping to get much better now that I have my new pink mixer!!

Lookin' better already!!!!

What an improvement!!!!!! I'm all set and ready to bake!!! I think I'll start with those chewy chocolate chip cookies I mentioned yesterday from Marzipan Mom and these
peanut butter cookies Jennifer Juniper is raving about!!!

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Denise said...

Good job! Wanna come do mine next?? :)