Thursday, April 9, 2009

jello beans

Nothing like a little dish of jello beans on a crisp spring day! I forgot I had the mold for these little beans.....I got it at the grocery store years ago. I found it in the cabinet where I keep all of my baking supplies.....more on that in an upcoming post....

The mold for these jello beans is a little tricky....I sprayed it with a bit of cooking spray....and I even added knox gelatin.....but the little buggers would. not. come. out!!!!!! Well, I happened to have a little infant spoon left over from when Cubby was a baby and it scooped them out perfectly! yummy.yum.yum!

1 comment:

Saucy said...

I will have to keep that in mind because I was going to make some and sure enough, I have one of those baby spoons handy so thanks for the tip!