Saturday, August 9, 2008


I saw these aprons on a blog called blissfull living a while back and I just fell in love with them!!!!......I love aprons!!!.....I don't wear one very often.....but it's just something that I would hate to think could be become extinct so I want to do my part to keep them mom sent me an adorable one from a really cute boutique from her hometown in Delray Beach and I wore it all day while I cooked Mother's Day brunch......anyway......I saw this really cute fabric over the summer and the thought of that apron was still nagging at me.....and when I had gotten in touch with my dear friend in Ebensburg for our annual reunion, I knew I had to make them for us!!!!!....she is the only one I know that truly does wear an apron every day!!!..I only had a picture from a blog to go on...but I found a pattern looked extremely similar, I added the pockets and I am just thrilled with the results!!! was my visit out to Ebensburg and I treasure it every year......I feel like it's my very own personal holiday!!!......and as you can see......we are both delighted with our new treats!!!


marzipanmom said...

I LOVE it! -it looks fantastic! Do I see an Etsy shop in your future? HMmm? I wear an apron at least twice a year - at Christmas cookie baking time and tomato canning time, although I need a full apron to keep the slop off my shirt!

Joy Beadworks said...

I love it....Possibly another girl's day out activity???

Jennifer Juniper said...

Love it!!! I have a hand painted one Scott got me I where sometimes. It makes me feel extra chef-ish